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Ukrainian artists/sites

Hello :) I would very much like to learn Ukrainian but since I am just a beginner I would like to see if there are any good Ukrainian artists that I can listen to to get the use of pronunciation and some general words :) Also if there are any good learning sites you guys know, please let me know! Thank you :) дякую!

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    Perhaps you mean to listen Ukrainian actors or singers?

    Our famous singers:

    Микола Гнатюк
    Назарiй Яремчук
    Таїсiя Повалiй
    Iрина Бiлик
    Анi Лорак
    Оксана Бiлозiр
    Павло Зiбров
    Софiя Ротару
    "Океан Ельзи"

    The most of these singers sing both Russian and Ukrainian songs. I think you easily will have found their Ukrainian songs.

    As for actors, regretfully, I don't know good films in Ukrainian. Try to listen the Ukrainian news in the Internet.

    I like this band

    I guess I'm not being really helpful with this, but ... whatever! :D
    Hope you like it!

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