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Can you give me a good summary of when and How to use "أن"

Please, share any ideas about how it is use. It would be a great help! And it is ok if you use Arabic to answer.

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    you are welcome to the Arab world. Firstly you have to make the difference between أن(/aen/)
    إن(/In/) the one you have asked about is pronounced /aen/ and you need to understand two of its main uses.
    It can convert a verb to its root or source (which is a noun)
    like 'It made me happy that you succeed 'يجعلني مسرورا أن تنجح "
    يجعلني" mean "made me"
    مسرورا means "happy"
    أن is equivalent to "That"
    instead of saying that we can say "يجعلني مسرورا نجاحك"
    Here (نجاحك) is a source or root of the verb (تنجح). You can see here that أن behaves as a modifier that modifies a verb to its root or source.

    The second use of أن is the interpretative where the phrase after أن gives the reason for the action that precedes the أن preposition.
    صحت به أن تجنب الكهرباء
    I shoot at him to avoid electricity.
    I shoot at him means " صحت به"
    avoid means "تجنب"
    here: أن is equivalent to "to"

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