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how can i learn about philliphina language?

hi, i want to learn about philliphina language because i interested in that language. i want to study abroad to philliphina too, that`s why i want to learn about the language.

For learning: Filipino (Tagalog)
Base language: English
Category: Language


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    Hi key.gingiee,

    Thanks for having an interest learning our language (Tagalog).

    As Anne pointed out, there are indeed lots of dialect here in the Philippines but Tagalog is widely spoken acroos the country.

    As not to get confused, you may start learning the tagalog pronouns first, the common greetings and phrases then constructing basic sentence structure (I'm not saying though that these are the steps. It's just my personal way of learning other languages).

    sample pronouns:

    Ako (I)
    Ikaw (you)
    siya (he/she)
    sila (they)

    basic greetings:

    magandang UMAGA / HAPON / GABI (good morning / afternoon / evening).
    salamat (thank you)
    maraming salamat (thank you very much)
    kumain ka na (have you eaten?)


    saan (where)
    sino (who)
    bakit (why)
    kailan (when)
    ano (what)
    paano (how)

    lots to learn. I'm willing to help you.

    goo luck...


    Hello! Im a filipina. Uhm, Filipino language has many dialects. But, im pretty sure, you're pointing the TAGALOG. ^^, its easy to learn filipino (tagalog) :)

    I can teach you if you want...
    I am a native filipina and could speak up 3 or more dialects from Filipino language,

    :D you're very intrested in Philippines huh. ^^

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