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I don't even know if this is right but I'm writing my mother a birthday card and I wanted to tell her that no matter what age she is, she's still beautiful.

Couple questions:
1) What is beautiful? I tried to look it up but there were several definitions and I don't know which one is used correctly in this context.
2) Is this sentence correct so far?

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    Your sentence does not convey what you meant to say.

    I would suggest the following,
    Cantonese (colloquial): 就算你幾多歲都好,你都一樣咁靚。
    Chinese (written): 不論年紀,你都依然美麗。

    Regarding the word "Beautiful", I think most of the time you can use 靚 because it is used in describing people, things and scenery. Other descriptions, such as 索,正,散鏡 mainly apply to describing people (particularly hot ladies). They are more like slangs so I don't really recommend you to use those words.

    I hope your mother will be delighted when she receives the card. :)

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