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bagaimana cara mempelajari bahasa tagalog filipina yang paling mudah?

- perkenalan bahasa tagalog untuk memudahkan saya untuk belajar
- bagaimana struktural bahasa tagalog yang harus dipelajari
- apa saja yang harus dilakukan untuk mempelajari bahasa tagalog tersebut

For learning: Filipino (Tagalog)
Base language: Indonesian
Category: Culture



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    I think one way to learn TAGALOG well is to involve yourself deeply in the language like going to the country in which it is spoken. But of course there are methods of learning it which includes reading books, taking classes etc. Listening to Tagalog music or watching Filipino Films is one way to learn a language also. Here are some of the websites that can help you in learning Tagalog.

    Enjoy learning...=) (tagalog dictionary)

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