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استفاده ی نمودن


سلام به همه

My dictionary says that the verb نمودن means "to show, to appear, and to seem." I want to know if I'm using it right...

برای مثال
1. می شه آن کامپیوتر را به من بنمایید؟ = Can you show me that computer? (می تونیم هم به خاش "نشان کردن" بگوییم؟ )
2. به من می نماید که فردا باران خواهد کرد . (It seems to me like it's going to rain tomorrow.)
3. امروز خسته می نمایی (You seem tired today.)


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    Dear Sean, it is not enough just to look up a word in a dictionary. Some words are very passive and they rarely will be used in normal sentences. One of these words is نمودن which is an old word. You can see it in some poems and old texts.
    look at the poem below:
    روي بـنـما وجـود خـودم از ياد ببر خـرمن سوخـتگان را هـمـه گو باد ببر
    in this poem بنما is from the verb نمودن which means "SHOW" but this is a very elegant and artistic way of using this word.

    Instead you need to use the verb نشان دادن as below:

    میشه اون کامپیوتر رو به من نشون بدی؟ which is informal or
    ممکن است ( که) آن کامپیوتر را به من نشان دهید لطفاً؟ or
    امکان دارد که آن کامپیوتر را به من نشان دهید؟
    about your second sentence I should change it as below:

    به نظر می رسه که فردا بارون می باره which is informal or:
    به نطر می رسد که فردا باران خواهد بارید.
    So you need to use the verb "به نظر رسیدن" which means " it seems".

    Your third sentence is not wrong but it is poem like or like old texts so you need to change is as below:

    خسته به نظر میای or به نظر ، خسته میای both these two sentences are informal if you need the formal version it will be like :

    شما به نظر خسته می رسید. or شما خسته به نظر می رسید.

    Hope this will help you Sean. But I think if you ask it in a notebook entry it will be better for you to learn more while the people correct your mistakes.

    Good Luck


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