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휴식하다,휴직 중이다 what is difference?

Can anybody explain me 휴식하다 and 휴직 중이다 ?
What is the difference between them ? If you give me some examples ,that would be great ^^


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    휴식하다.휴식을 취하다. 쉬다....take a rest

    어제 늦게 잤으니까 지금은 좀 쉬는게 좋겠어.(휴식을 취하는 게 좋겠어)
    You'd better take a rest because you slept late yesterday.

    오전 수업 중간에 10분간 휴식이 있다.
    There is a recess of ten minutes between morning lessons.

    휴직하다. retire temporarily from office
    - 나는 영어 공부를 하기 위해 휴직하였다.

    I took a leave of absence from my job to study English

    휴식하다 and 휴직 중이다

    휴식하다 "take a rest"

    어제 게임을 너무 많이 해서 오늘 휴식을 취해야 겠어
    I've played game so much yesterday so I have to rake a rest today

    휴직하다 " retire temporarily from office"

    Buf If you change to 휴직중이다 from 휴직하다.

    it means you are doing something right now! "중" is like "~ing" and also it is more natural when you use 휴직하다

    저 휴직중이에요
    I'm temporarilly retired from the work or I'm off

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