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what is 놀라워라?

What does 놀라워라 mean?
I heard it in Jo Kwons song Awesome Girl (Great song ;))
He says
Your awesome girl 오 놀라워라
What does it mean? Is it the verb plus 어라?
If so what is the verb is it 놀랍다 ?
Also what do 집착하다 and 질투하다 mean?

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    I'm learning Korean too so let me attempt to answer this with what I know. 놀라워라. I've never actually seen this word in that form before. But I know 놀라 comes from the world 놀랍다 which means shocked/surprised/marvelous/astonishing. So you are right to say it comes from the verb 놀랍다. As for the 어라 part, I'm not too sure too.

    집착하다 simply means to obsess about/over or it could mean stick to. eg customs

    질투하다 means to be jealous/envious

    If I am wrong hopefully someone else corrects me as well. Cheers ^^

    오 놀라워라
    놀랍다(amazing)is adjective that descirbes someone or something, not a verb gives information on what someone is doing, what happens, something moving.
    adjective 놀랍다+워라=놀라워라

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