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U baru, konobar i kupac

konobar : "što želite piti?"
kupac : "molim Vas, dva Karlovačko" (ili "molim Vas, dva Karlovačka"?)

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    "molim Vas, dva Karlovačka (piva)" ................ (2 beer)


    "molim Vas, jedno Karlovačko (pivo)." .............( 1 beer)

    Karlovačko is a brand of beer. Even when you just say the brand name a waiter knows you mean beer. Beer in croatian = PIVO. It changes to "pivA" in akuzativ plural...that's why the adjective/name "KarlovačkA" has to have the same ending.

    You WILL however be able to hear it said in this way too (although not very grammatically correct): "Molim dvi(j)e pive" .

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