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I'm too afraid/shy

I go abroad with my family for vacation once or twice a year. On the countries I visit I find a lot of japanese people. when I recognize the language I think to myself: "I want to talk to them!" but then I get too scared to try, since I'm always reading about japanese culture and all those books clearly express that japanese people are serious, closed and RELLY, REALLY polite, so I'm too afraid to get rejected or leave an image of an ill-mannered guy.
Can I get the opinion of japanese pople on the matter please?

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    Go ahead and talk to them. They're polite so they won't reject or ignore you. If you talk to them in Japanese they'll normally be surprised and say ええ~日本語話せるんですか?すごい~or something like that, because we normally don't expect non-Japanese people to speak Japanese. They're mostly shy, so they won't start a conversation if you don't talk to them first, and when they don't know English (or the language spoken in the country) they're shyer I think... But I think they're traveling abroad because they're interested in foreign cultures and people, so I think they'd be happy to talk to and get to know new people.

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