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is russian differend with hungaria language?

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    They are from two very different language families. Russian is a Slavic language and Slavic languages are Indo-European, which makes them 'family' of Romance languages (Spanish, Italian, etc.), Germanic languages (Dutch, English, German, etc.), Scandinavian languages, but also languages like Farsi (Iranian) and Hindi. However, Hungarian is part of the Finno-Ugrian language family, together with Finnish and Estonian (and maybe a few small languages as well, I'm not sure) and this language family is not part of the larger Indo-European language family. So, in short, Russian is in a way closer to Hindi than it is to Hungarian. However, there might have been some influence of Russian on Hungarian during the Communist time, but I'm not aware of it. Also, it wouldn't surprise me if there are a few influences of Slavic languages from much longer ago, before the Austro-Hungarian empire. I hope this makes sense!

    Is a big difference and very different

    I am Hungarian and Russian is "Chinese" to me. We don't understand it without learning it and they don't understand us either.

    They're totally different languages!!!
    Like...Korea and China are neighbors..but our languages are quite different except words(we have some similarities)...
    Sometimes....the geographical position cannot show anything.
    Magyar language has relatives like"Finnish"Sami,or something like that...those languages don't belong to Indo-European family...
    Magyar and Russian are quite different...they have different phonetics,different vocabulary...even different grammar...
    Hungarian shares some resemblance with languages like Uyghur,and Turkish...because they all have many suffixes...but Hungarian has more...about 17 noun cases...but Russian only has 6 cases
    Russian and Polish,Czech,Slovak...Serbian,Ukranian...they're indo-European languages...
    A Hungarian cannot understand Russian if he hasn't learnt it...
    Anyway....Hungarian is so special...even its relatives----Finnish,Sami are a little different from it...

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