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what'sthe difference between "bata" "bataunga/bataungi" "batao" and when we should use that words ??

what is the difference btween "bata" "bataunga/bataungi" "batao" and when we should use that words ?? thank you :)

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    bata बता/batao बताओ- tell (imperative) like tell me!
    bata is without respect and batao shows respect.

    batao - tell
    mujhe batao मुझे बताओ - tell me
    use batao उसे बताओ -tell him etc.

    there is another word bataiyeबताइए ==batao - tell(with respect)

    replace batao with bata and sentences are still correct. But this will show no respect towards the listener from ur side.u can use bata with ur close friends or younger persons. but i will suggest u to use batao on the safe side.

    bataunga बताऊंगा - i will tell (when male says this)
    bataungi बताउंगी- i will tell ( when female says this)

    since u r a girl u will say bataungi

    even if u dont say main(i) in starting it is obvious that u are talking about urself only so
    main bataungi or bataungi both are perfect


    Bataa = tell (me)
    Bataaunga = future tense, Masculine subject = kartaa i.e. He
    Bataaungi = future tense, Feminine subject = kartaa = She
    batao = could be ORDER Form or REQUEST form

    Would you like to make few sentences using BATA, BATAAUNGA, BATAAOONGI and BATAO ?
    practice make man perfect. hahahaha

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