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urdu speak about go for it,don't give up....

when i want to speak to some person , come on, go for it, u can do it,do not give up....could i speak..shabashi,tum ye karna sagdi ho,nahin choro..

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    come on, go for it,
    i dont know exact words for it, but when someone encourages us, it is their tone which reflects the mood and encouragement one way could be chalo, chalo!
    u can do it,do not give up
    tum ye kar sakti ho('sakte ho' if talking to a male), haar mat maano

    nahin chhoro means don't leave(or loose the grip) .

    There are not exact words for these but we say it this way
    if you want to encourage someone..
    do not give up
    means himmat na haaro

    you can do it
    tum yeh ker sukti ho

    come on go for it
    there is no exact word for it but most suitable is

    haan yaar, aisa hi kero / tumhe aisa hi kerna chaiye
    yes you can say shabash..but not shabashi

    so" come on, go for it,... u can do it, not give up"
    haan yaar, tumhe aisa hi kerna chaiye..tum yeh ker sukti ho, himmat na haaro

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