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Is there anyone that would like to teach me how to speak Russian?

I am not sure where to begin learning, so I need all the help I can get. Thank you!

For learning: Russian
Base language: Russian
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    My skype login senior-pimiento, i'll be happy to help you :)


    You might find useful this:


    Sure! Lemme know if you're still interested. or skype: tee-run. I am learning English and I think that we can help each other.

    Hi! I learn English and I hope I can help you in Russian. I will be happy to talk with you

    Я помогу тебе.Ты говорю со мной на русском и я тебя буду подправлять а ты со мной на английском.

    Hi.I suppose,I can help you.And I need some help with my english.)))) We can start using skype.


    My name is Anna, I am a native Russian speaker and certified Russian language tutor. I was rewarded with the highest diploma for teachers – M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, by methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language.
    I love Russian language, it is extraordinarily beautiful and poetic!
    Let me know, if you are interested in Skype classes :)

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