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urdu problem.....

please help me correct is ok or not~~

i will be good~ main tik ho gi
you will be good~tum tik ho gi
he will be good~wo tik ho ga
we will be good~hum sab tik ho ge
you will be good~tum sab tik ho ge
they will be good~wo sab tik ho ge
ho wa / ho wi / ho we ,how to use it? it for use past or future or present tense.can give me some example...thanks

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    if you are using future tense and hoping for someone to recover soon then..

    i will be good
    main thik ho jahun gi

    you will be good
    tum thik ho jaho ge

    he will be good
    wo thik ho jae ga

    we will be good
    hum sab thik ho jahain ge

    you will be good
    tum thik ho jao ge

    they will be good
    wo sab thik hun ge
    main thik hun gi means i might be right.

    the answer here is not straight forward here

    i/you/he will be fine. is a sentence which can be said in variety of situations, in english it remains the same, but according to situation, there are slight differences in expression in Urdu.

    only these need correction
    i will be good~ main thiik houngi
    you will be good~tum thiik ho ge(for m and hogi for f )
    they will be good~wo sab thiik honge

    they are all grammatically correct but make not sound natural
    there are expressions have a look at verbs

    u will be good ~ tum theek ho jaaoge (when u say it hoping for recovery)
    u will be good ~ tum theek rahoge (when u are assuring some one tht u are going to be fine )

    tum theek hoge.

    this sentence can be used while writing letters and i hope that you are fine.

    all of these actually indicate that u think that 'someone is/should fine'

    hua/hue/hui are used in variety of situations some(as much as i can reme) i will be covering here

    hua - past of 'hona' for m and singular sujects

    kya hua?
    what happened?

    hui - past of hona for f and singular subjects

    barish hui.
    it rained.
    people also say baarish aayi for the same expression.

    similarly u can use hue for plural m subjects

    also there are sentences like

    kya hua hoga?
    what might have happened.

    these will be little advanced cases so i suggest them u visit them later.

    kya hua hai?
    what has happened?

    kya hua tha?
    what had happened?


    i hope it gives little clear idea. Again hona is a not a simple word to be told easily, so i suggest u grab a dictionary and see how many combinations it makes and the meaning it forms or helps to form.

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