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Possessive pronouns in Icelandic

Could someone give me some examples of how to use the different possessive pronouns in Icelandic? I understand how to use minn, mín, mitt, also when they're used in plural (mínir etc.), the accusative, dative and genitive forms are harder though.

ack. /masculine/ minn, /feminine/ mína, /neuter/ mitt
dat. /m/ mínum, /f/ minni, mínu
gen. /m/ míns, /f/ minnar, /n/ míns

ack. /m/ mína, /f/ mínar, /n/ mín
dat. /m/ mínum, /f/ mínum, /n/ mínum
gen. /m/ minna, /f/ minna, /n/ minna

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    The accusative is direct object in the sentence (the "it"), the dative is the indirect object in the sentence ("to whom" of "for whom"), the genitive case shows possession, as in "my car" or "your house"

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