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食べられる(was eaten)
食べれる(can eat)
Confused on 食べられる and 食べれる,how to use both of these word in sentence, what are the significant difference on rareru & reru here.

2. 話す(speak)
話される(was spoken)
話せる(can speak)
話させられる ?? what the meaning, how to get this ?

In above 2 sentence, られる、させる、and combination of られる&させる was used, Can you explain to me more easy way to conjugate and how to use in sentence.what are point need to pay attention in sentence?

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    1. 食べれる is a 「ら抜き言葉」. Non-standard. You can use it when you talk casually, but 食べれる/ら抜き言葉 is NOT for formal writing.

    *the potential form of 食べる=「食べられる」, "can eat", "to be edible"
    *the honorific form of 食べる=「食べられる」or 「召し上がる」or「お召し上がりになる」

    *the passive form of 話す=「話される」. "to be spoken"
    *the honorific form of 話す=「話される」or 「お話しになる」.
    *the potential form of 話す=「話せる」.
    *話させられる(=to be made to speak) is the passive form of 話させる. 話させる(=to make someone talk) is the causative form of 話す(to talk).

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