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Help with a phrase please (しつれいですが、おなまえは?) Ayuda con una frase por favor (しつれいですが、おなま)

こんにちは!I found this question in my text book: しつれいですが、おなまえは?
Could someone please help me translating it? Thanks ;)

こんにちは!Encontré esta pergunta en mi libro de texto: しつれいですが、おなまえは?
¿Podría alguien ayudarme a traducirla por favor? Gracias ;)

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    "I am sorry (to be rude/ to disturb you), [but] what is your name?"

    -が = slightly adversative particle.
    -お名前は (何ですか?) = litt. "your name (what is)"
    /は/ indicates object;
    /です/ verb
    /か/ interrogative particle


    It's from「しつれいですが、おなまえは なんですか?」.
    「なんですか」part is just omitted because it's understood.

    "Excuse me, but may I have your name please?"

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