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How to ask "What's missing?" in Persian?

It's a part of a game. There are several cards on the table. You take one away and a child who had closed his eyes has to guess what was that card. When he opens his eyes you must ask him "what's missing?" or something like that. I'd like to play this game in Persian but can't translate this phrase myself. Please help me!

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    in this case he should ask:

    کدوم کارت نیست؟/ کدام کارت نیست؟ or کدوم کارت کمه؟/ کدام کارت بر داشته شده است؟

    But you may need to learn کم و کسر this is when you are at the table and the host or a waiter ask you this in order to check if everything is perfect.
    he/ she will ask : چیزی کم و کسر نیست؟ = every thing perfect? Is there anything you need?


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