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just tell me what it means :D

what does these means ??
Non ce l'ho mai fatta, ho sempre incassato, e sempre incazzato, fino a perdere il fiato

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    fino a perdere il fiato = until they lose their breath =
    you can say " fino a perdere il respiro "
    perdere = lose
    respiro = breath = respire ( francais )
    im not sure about the other sentence ...

    I never made it (I never succeded) and I have always been on the receiving side (always angry) until I lost my breath ...

    Incassare: in this context it refers to the situation when you receive punches (metaphorical or real) .. when you are punched in the stomach, you lose your breath ... Incassato is the past participle of incassare .. as you can see it is similar to incazzato, which is slang word for angry ...

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