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How to use 作 and 做?

What is the difference between these two words and how are they used correctly? Sometimes I see them used interchangeably.

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    hi,i am very happy to answer your question,firstly,you usually see“作”in an idiom。secondly,“做”动作性强,“作”动作性弱。it mains depend on particular thing ,my english is not good,you maybe not understand。

    Yes, sometimes, they're interchangeable. 作 works for most of cases. It occurs much earlier than 做 in Chinese language history.
    But now, people prefer to use "做 + concrete noun" while “作 + abstract noun”, here are some examples:
    做饭 cook
    做蛋糕 make cake
    做家具 make furniture
    做衣服 make cloth
    做作业 do homework

    作弊 cheating
    作曲 composing
    作文 writing
    作报告 reporting

    Generally, 做 is the word extended from 作. it's a little bit hard to distinguish them. It's rather custom than rule playing the role in choosing the correct word. So, use what you see is the best way for this case

    作:(in English) get up; to rise make; to write; to compose 4.writings; work pretend; to affect regard as; to treat as; to take...for act; to be
    做:(in English) make; to produce do; to work; to engage give (a party, reception, etc.)

    used in set phrases, like "do" and "make" in English

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