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What is the best way to learn Kanji?

For me, the most difficult aspect of learning Japanese has always been Kanji. Can anyone share their methods with me?

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    What I did was force myself into using it so my brain can accept that it is the only means of communication I know, but I never recommend this.

    Mainly Kanji look like what they represent and if you can read the smaller Kanji that make the larger ones, you can figure its meaning and sound.

    One thing I know for learning pronunciation is to memorize the Romaji lyrics of a Japanese song then read the Kanji version to the song.

    I know a website that you can look for that does a really good job at describing the Kanji:

    Hope this helps.
    1. Divide a kanji into a radical and "the rest". Each part has some meaning(s) in most cases. Sometimes "the rest" only shows the reading, though.
    2. When learning kanji, don't learn them one by one separately. Learn them in context and in combination with other kanji.

    1. Some of kanjis are pretty look like the object which they are symbolized.
    For example 口 (kuchi = mouth) or 中 (naka = inside). They are the easiest kanjis and very easy to memorized!
    2. Some of kanjis have characters which is refer to something.
    For example this character -> 氵is refers to water. Like 海 (sea), 泳ぐ( to swim), 酒 (sake) and so on.
    Or the upper part of this kanji -> 花 is refers to plants. Such as 花 (flower), 茶 (tea) and so on.

    Keep practicing on writing and reading every day is the key to success. This is what the japanese people do too!

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