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Is there are difference between these words?

1) 두뇌 and 뇌

2) 개발 and 발전

Any help will be much appreciated.

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    1) 두뇌 and 뇌
    Both are almost same. But a tiny diff can be in situation.
    두뇌 is used typically with meaning of "BRAIN"
    뇌 is used in medicine...
    Anyhow two words is same.
    2) 개발 and 발전
    개발 means making something. ex: Developing program...
    발전 means growth of something.
    I hope this is helpful for you... Good luck

    First question was well explained by apollo-sun.
    Here are some examples for better understading.

    개발 contains meanig of fix and make it better.
    The construction company started the project for developing the city.
    The man developed his computer skill.

    발전 contains meanig of stages such as level 1, level2, level 3... .
    Step by step, the nation developed their economy .

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