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How do you say "I am tired but doing well" in Korean?

I know hajiman and geureona mean but.... I have also seen hajiman written as jiman. What is the difference between the "hajiman" "geureona" and "jiman"? I'm so confused when to use which one @_@ thank you!

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    하지만 잘 하는 것이 피곤 해요
    하지만 means but in English, so you can use 하지만 in your sentence, but not 지만 , hope that can help you.

    하지만 is the same as 그러나.(Conjunctive)
    지만 is not used alone.
    그 사람은 똑똑하지만 친절하지 않다. (He is smart but not kind.)
    그 사람은 똑똑하다. 그렇지만 친절하지는 않다. (He is smart. But he is not kind.)

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