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Turkish as a bridge to Azeri - shortcuts summary

Hər kəsə salamlar, mənim adım Gui və azərbaycanca öğrənməyə çalışıram. Portuqalialıyam lakin Türkiyəde yaşayıram.

I believe Turkish and Azeri have many similarities and that it is possible to easily speak reasonably well the other language by making a few language tweaks. I would like to know if any of you has found any website or learning materials with a summary of these.

For example, Indiana University has shortcut for this - . but unfortunately I couldn't get access to it yet.

Cox sağol =)

For learning: Azeri
Base language: English
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    Salam, Gui.
    Çox şadam ki, azərbaycan dilini öyrənmək istəyirsən.

    Here are some websites that I find useful: (needs registration)

    You're right, Azeri and Turkish have many similarities. But I have to warn you, sometimes it's more like a disadvantage, since with so many similarities it's not easy to remember the differences. E.g. unlike Turkish in Azeri one never wrights "sağol", only "sağ ol" :))). Wish you good luck!

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