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Best way to learn Japanese letters?

I have been able to write down and study Harigana, which happened to be the easiest for me. It's taken a few days but I am slowly getting better at reading and writing very very basic sentences. I am just starting to learn Katakana and I should have it down in a few days as well.

What would you say is the most important alphabet or set of characters to learn?
And how would I go about learning these letters the fastest?

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    Um, I'm still learning, but this is what I think: both of them are just as important. I've heard the Japanese will use multiple forms of their writing in one sentence sometimes (a mix of hiragana, katakana and/or kanji). Kanji is a form of writing they got from Chinese characters, I think Kanji is usually written when you write someone's name (correct me if I'm wrong, more experienced people). As far as the best way to learn, I'd just go on youtube and search for ways, there are multiple ways to learn them, I'm sure, the best way though? Hard to say. I did see this girl on youtube talking about a good way to learn Hiragana, I suppose you could do the same way with Katakana. What she was saying from what I heard is that you could pick out a Japanese song or something, make sure you get romaji lyrics and then write the Hiragana (in your case, katakana) out. I suppose you could listen to the song while you're at it too. The fastest? Probably quizzing yourself on which katakana it is, but that doesn't keep it in your head long enough. I know this from experience, because I did the same thing in Literature for my vocabulary quizz, got an A from it, but now only word I really remember from the class is "melancholy". Anyway, that's just my opinion, explore, find some ways you think you'd like to learn it.


    That's great how fast you're picking up the Japanese writing systems. Kanji has been a great stumbling block for me, so I decided to focus on the kanji that would be the most useful when I'm traveling in that country. I cut up a kanji book and put the most important characters to me on a steel ring to flip through when I have the time. I came up with the list of kanji characters based on a collection of Japanese place names that included words like "temple," "park," and "lake."

    Of course, if your needs are more academic, then a more systematic approach is needed, which is usually provided by kanji study books. A book I really like is Kenneth G. Henshall's "A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters," published by Tuttle Publishing.

    Japanese is my native language but I think it is more difficult than English or Spanish because of kanji . I don't think I've learned half of kanji caracters yet in my life.
    You're good you've learned Hiragana and Katakana already.then how about keeping diaries in Japanese? I can check it if you want.

    I think the best method is what learning books (like Minna no Nihongo) offer. And that is everytime you learned new letters, try to learn some words which you can make by them. For example after learning the letters "shi" and "o" you can make the word "shio" which means Salt. This will help to learn faster.
    Regardless of which way you choose to learn, you have to keep practicing on reading and writing every day!
    The best answer here is simple, Just spend a LOT of time learning. xD
    Also i want to add that its good to pratice in a lot of different ways. True rewriteing kanji's true reading kanji's but also to do some simple kanji memory games for a change.
    (never write down 1 kanji more then 3 of 4 times in a row. because after that you will go on autopilot and you won't learn anything from it.)

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