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What are job opportunities for someone who knows Japanese?

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    I guess if you are a foreigner and your Japanese is on the same level as a Japanese graduated person. You can also do jobs in your field, whatever it is. Maybe there is a exaption for medical stuff or working for the covernment (police, army and that stuff). But offcourse you could work in every Japanese business there is. If you have the right diploma and mastered the language on the level that is expected for the job. So if you have a diploma in a particular field, and you want to work in that field but then in Japan. You should really focus on your language skill. Maybe even live in Japan for a year or something and do simple jobs just to master the language.

    Offcrouse you need to get a work permit and all that stuff. But that kind of information can be found within the Japanese embassy in your country. Keep in mind that Japan is a bureaucracy, so you need to fix a lot of stuff before you go!

    If you want to know if there are a lot of vacancies in a particuler field there is only one way to find out. Google for it on Japanese websites!!
    Offcrouse they are in Japanese so you are back at the language again xD

    translator, japanese teacher, diplomat

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