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What's difference "고백할까, 고백겠어, 고백겠습니다 "

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    ANSWER---> 고백할까(Question form)
    고백학겠어( future time-informal)
    고백학겠습니다( future time- formal )

    ** Good luck. ^__^

    I suppose you wanted to say '고백할까', '고백 하겠어', '고백하겠습니다'.

    They essentially have the same meaning, but there are difference in their usage in situations, functions, or formal tone.
    고백할까 is just something when you think in your mind but it's not often spoken vocally, or it is usually spoken if you're alone. It'd be more closer to something you ask to yourself.

    '고백하겠어' indicates that you will or are going to '고백'.

    '고백하겠습니다' has formal tone and used when you are in front of someone who gets your '고백', whereas '고백하겠어' is used when the person is not at the place you are in.

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