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irritieren und durcheinanderbringen

Ich möchte sagen, dass ich weiss nicht genau, wann ich "wann" und "als" benutzen soll. Kann ich "Ich irritiere immer wann und als." oder "Ich bringe "wann"und "als" immer durcheinander"?

Danke sehr!

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    es heißt "ich bringe "wann" und "als" immer durcheinander"
    both words translate just fine to the english verb "to confuse", but while "irritieren" means -to confuse or irritate a person like
    "Sein Verhalten irritiert -mich-" - his behavior confuses me; durcheinanderbringen is more frequently used in a meaning like -to confuse; -to mix up or -to mistake; just like in the sentence you asked about

    however, just for your information there is a specific phrase, where "durcheinanderbringen" ist used in the exact meaning like "irritieren": "jemanden ganz/völlig durcheinanderbringen" like:
    "diese Frau bringt mich völlig durcheinander" - this Woman completely confuses me; or "ich bin ganz durcheinander" - i am completely confused
    hope this helped

    I would explain those words differently, though the above explanation is correct. But it might help you:

    durcheinander bringen - to mess up. To mess up your room e.g., to mess up things. On a symbolic level, you can "mess up someone's mind" - that is to confuse someone

    irritieren - this is means irritate, to distract someone's attention, to annoy someone.

    Du irritierst mich - might mean: you distract me; you annoy me; you (slightly) confuse me (I don't know what to think of you; I expected something different from you)

    Du bringst mich durcheinandner - actually also means you confuse me. But whereas irritieren is more a light form of confusing a person, this here means more like "you sweep me of my feet" :)

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