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What is a coaching system ?


What is a coaching system ?
How to use this system to teaching or learning new language?
I need to get more information about it?

Thank you for all answers.

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    A coaching system would refer to some organized system of training and teaching where a person or persons receive support and guidance, along with the teaching.

    It is usually used in sports. A football (soccer) coach might have a plan to work on some aspect of the game one day, another aspect the next. He might plan on which exercises to do and what to practice. A coach who just let the players kick the ball for one hour and leave would not have any coaching system, even though he is a coach.

    Language Coaching is:

    a continuous flow of language training constantly interacting with aspects of brain-based coaching and aspects of traditional coaching;
    it ensures the constant awareness of how the brain works;
    it includes coaching models and tools;
    it adds the ethical principles of coaching itself, ever present in language coaching sessions, as set out by the ICF;
    It encompasses an individual needs analysis;
    It tailors language targets to individual needs;
    It embraces the cultural aspects of language;
    It may include professional expertise;
    It may have a topical focus;
    It addresses personal aspects such as client confidence, comfort, motivation and satisfaction.

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