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Korean pronunciation ?

I am learning Korean and one time me and my Penpal were talking and helping each other and she said I sounded like a foreigner so I was kind of put of because I never reay thought about english speakers sounding foreign to other people I don't know why :D
But it also worried me :( is it harder for a Korean to sound like a native English speaker or a English person to sound like a native Korean?
I want to live in Korea when I am older but I don't want to sound silly I want to sound like a native ! I don't want people to laugh because I sound funny
Is it possible to sound native? Please don't give me false hope :3
If I worked hard enough could I sound native? It would be easier if I lived in Korea right?
Is there any videos I can watch that teach you Korean pronunciation like a native ? When I listen to videos I hear the pronunciation of the letters but they don't sound the same as a native would even if they are native
Like when you first start Korean they teach you Annyeonghaseyo but it sounds nothing like it it sounds more like anyong-u-se-o or nyeongaseyo :/
So is there anywhere that doesn't really say it clearly do it is easy for a starter to pronounce but so it sounds like a native and yeah is it possible to sound like a native speaker if I tried hard enough truthfully
This will really help me out thanks :)

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    Everything can be achieved through practice. For some, it comes naturally the more they listen to the language, others need to take pronounciation classes.

    First you need to learn how to say words properly! Then if you listen to native Korean speakers you'll get used to how to say words when you're talking quickly. If you go to TTMIK, they usually say everything slowly, so you can hear all the sounds, and then quickly, more like in a real live conversation ^^

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