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urdu...without how to speak....

how to translate in urdu....

i can not live without you..
i eat cake without fork..

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how many syllables of without in urdu?

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    I= main
    can = sakti( for female), sakta(for male)
    not= nahin
    live= zinda rehna(verb) zinda (adverb)
    without= bina
    I can not live without you.=Main tumhare bina zinda nahi reh sakti.
    i can eat cake without fork= Main kante (fork) k bigair cake(same in urdu) kha sakti /sakta hon .
    without= ke bina, ke bigair.

    without is "ke bina" کے بنا
    i cannot live without u - main tumhare bina nahin jee sakti
    or main tumhare bina nahin reh sakti
    (sak ti - for f speaker; and sak ta if m is the speaker)

    here u can notice that when we talk of possesive post fixes we say mera/mere/meri tumhara/tumhare/tumhari for i and u respetively so ke here changes to 're' mere tere tumhare otherwise it is 'ke' like aapke is ke e.g. without u - aapke bina

    i eat cake without fork..
    main fork ke bina cake khaati hoon (khaata if male says)

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