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Basic Urdu Conversation

Please could you tell me how to say the following:

1. How are you (Mei theek hum?)
2. What is your name?
3. How was your day?

4. I am fine.
5. My name is .....
6. My day was good.

Any other questions / answers would be much appreciated!

Thank you

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    How are you ? Urdu: Aap kasay haan (Addressing a man) or Aap kasey haan.(Addressing a female)
    What is your name? Urdu: Aap ka naam kia hai.?
    How was your day? Urdu: Aap ka din kesa guzra ?
    I am fine. Urdu: May theek hoon.
    My name is... Urdu: Mera naam hai......
    My day was good Urdu: Mera din aacha guzra.
    You may ask further questions, Ok.

    1. How are you ? ~ App kaise/ kaisi hain? ("Aap" is replaced by "tum" when you are talking in informal settings. Kaisa/ kaise for male and kaisi for female)
    2. What is your name?~Apka/ tumhara naam kia hai?
    3. How was your day?~ Tumhara/ Apka din kaisa (how) tha? ( but we mostly say "Apka/ Tumhara din kaisa guzra)

    4. I am fine. ~ Mai theek hoon.
    5. My name is ..... ~ Mera naam...... hai.
    6. My day was good.~ Mera din acha tha ( We mostly say "Mera din(day) acha guzra (went)")

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