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    Do you mean this Kurdish word " Kaam"? Well you haven't provided any context here for the word. If you are asking this for learning Kurdish, I will give you some examples and I hope you find them helpful. ;)

    1- Kaam means joy or enjoyment. Like this in Sorani accent
    ناکام ایام کامه رانیم رو = I am sorrow of losing the loved one of the time of joy
    به رنه وه رده ی باغ نه وجوانیم رو= I am in mourning for the one I had in my blooming days
    In the first verse of this Poem you see both " کام " and " ناکام" which the first means " joy and happiness " and the last one is " loss and failure".

    It is even in Farsi " کامروا شدن" or " کامِ دل گرفتن" to have the joy or to get what you want.

    2- But in Sanandaji Kurdish which is sometimes called Ardalani accent " Kaam" is just " Which" look at this sentence:

    " Kaam xweisheko haa la Hollanda" which means " which of your sisters are in Holland"

    Or in Sorani accent:

    " Kaami bot bekrem?" means which one do you like me to buy for you. ;)

    ;) Hope this will help you. :)

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