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how to say " where are you from" in Hebrew?

Can I say " mi eifo ata"?? Is it correct or not?

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    Hi Joe. You are almost correct. The accurate phrase is: 'me eifo ata' (for male), 'me eifo at' (for female), and 'me eifo atem' (for plural, mainly male. female plural is 'aten')
    Explenation: from='mi', but it changes to 'me' usually befor the letters א,ה,ח,ע,ר
    so possible answers are: 'ani mi tel aviv' or 'ani me haifa' :-)

    Other options: me hichan ata?, me ain ata? and there are more specific questions, like: eifo ata gar (where do you live?), me eifo ata bamakor (where are you originally from = where were you born/raised).

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