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How can you install Korean keyboard?

Does anyone know how to get Koren Keyboard? Or mabye how switch the keyboard to another language? Should I change the language? But I'm afraid if I turn the language to korean the whole language in my computer will turn korean >_<

Please help, and Thanks :)

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    you don't need to get a whole new keyboard to be able to type in Korean and you also don't need to set your whole computer's language to Korean. If you go to your computer's system preferences and go to international, there should be some sort of tab that says input menu or something similar and you should be able to choose another language to input. Although, if your computer does not offer a Korean package you may have to download one from the internet.
    (I have a mac computer so the way that I found out how to add it may be different than how you add it, but hopefully it is similar enough that you can figure it out).

    Hope this helps :)

    if you click on the start button, and search the word keyboard you will see "change keyboards of other input methods". It should open up on the language tab. Click on change keyboards. You should see where it say your installed keyboard is English (default). You can click "add" and find korean. You must check Microsoft IME :) click the keyboard image button. u can type Korean character set.

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