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Korean numbers :)

I know the Korean numbers not fluently but I know them but I want to know how to get them better :3
I think Korean numbers will be harder than English because you will need to go higher because the numbers in the currency go really high! :O
But I want to know where and how I can improve my numbers and I know I need lots of practice
Is there anywhere online that Korean kids actually use?
Thanks :)

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    I found a really good song and lyrics, esp really longer than original song.
    구백 아흔 아홉=nine-hundred -ninety -nine

    Although one, two , three...nine-hundred-ninety-nine don't correspond to only 하나, 둘 , 셋, 구백아흔아홉, you can use this when you count things' number.

    하나면 하나지 둘이겠느냐~♬
    (One is one. Do you think one is two?)
    둘이면 둘이지 셋이겠느냐~~~♬
    (Two is two. Do you think two is three?)
    셋이면 셋이지 넷 아니야~♬
    (Three is three, not four)
    넷이면 넷이지 다섯아니야~~♬
    (Four is four, not five)
    랄라랄라 라라라라 랄라랄라라~~~~~~(x2)

    여섯이면 여섯이지 일곱이될까~♬
    (Six is six. Will it be seven?)
    일곱이면 일곱이지 여덟이 될까~♬

    여덟이면 여덟이지 아홉아니야..♬
    (Eight is eight, not nine.)
    아홉이면 아홉이지 열아니야~♬

    랄라랄라 라라라라라 랄라랄라라~~~~~(x2)
    (Lalalala lalalalalala lalalalala)
    열하나면 열하나지 열둘이될까~♬

    열둘이면 열둘이지 열셋이될까~♬

    열셋이면 열셋이지 열넷아니야~♬

    열넷이면 열넷이지 열다섯 아니야~♬

    랄라랄라 라라라라 랄라 랄라라~(x2)

    열여섯이면 열여섯이지 열일곱이될까~

    열일곱이면 열일곱이지 열여덟이될까~

    열여덟이면 열여덟이지 열아홉아니야~

    일 (one) 이(two) 삼(three) 사(four) 오(five) 육(six) 칠(sven) 팔(eight) 구(nine)
    십(ten) 백(100) 천(1000) 만(10,000) 십만(100,000) 백만(1000,000)

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