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What is an easy way to learn hangul?

I know some basic Korean words and phrases, but i don't know how to read Hangul. I would like to understand the combinations and how to pronounce it.

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    I'll tell you what I did
    first, to remember everything well I printed these:
    and hung it on my wall. Just in case I forgot something.
    Don't rely on romanization too much tho, it's good for starters to remember, but as you learn to read you'll discover (I did!) that it's actually harder to pronounce well reading romanization than to pronounce when reading Hangul!

    Ten, to know how to pronounce see these videos:
    I'm sure there's a lot more videos on YT for that!

    What I did next: in a notebook I wrote all characters and combinations each on the top of one page, and everyday I'd sit and write a line of each, trying to write it well and remember the sound.

    If you like watching music shows there's always lyrics on the bottom! Try to follow the lyrics and listen how it sounds when they sing. It will be hard at the beginning! But what you need to do is practise reading as much as you can :)

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