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Gijzeling... why?


With the whole "hijacking" episode yesterday, I could read all over the press the word "gijzeling", which means "hostage". Why they don't use "kaping" to refer to a plane hijacking, instead?

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    Hmm, good question and I think newspapers might well use the word kaping instead. Thinking about it, then I would associate "gijzeling" with kidnapping. In other words the object involved is a person. "Kaping" is more used with vehicles. (We also have the saying: "kapers op de kust")

    In the case of yesterdays event, a "gijzeling" would refer to a situation where the passengers are being kidnapped in the plane, but the plane itself is not necessary in control of the bad guys. A "kaping" however would indicate that the plane is under control of the bad people (either directly or by threatening the pilots).

    Which one is more suitable is something you can decide.

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