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What is the difference between class, lesson and course?

What is the difference between class, lesson and course?

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    Course = onward movement. There are usually many lessons that make up a course. The lessons in a course are the building blocks that make someone ready to pass a final exam. Think of lessons as the little things that we learn along the way.

    A class basically means learning a classroom environment. "Did you go to class today? I thought you were taking that course in math."


    A particular class is a subject session scheduled for a particular time and day for an amount of time. Class can sometimes be used in place of lesson, but Universities here now tend to use class in the sense that I have explained.

    A lesson is just one of those classes.

    A course is composed of many different classes. So reading and writing classes may be in a English course.

    Class means a group of students meeting regularly to study a subject under the guidance of a teacher or a period during which a group of students meets for instruction.
    example- today kelly is not going to attend the physics class.

    Lesson is an assignment or exercise in which something is to be learned in classes.
    example- this lesson is hard so you should pay attention more.

    A course/coursebook or textbook, a book designed to accompany a specific academic course, or one specified by the writers of the course to be read by its students.

    example- kelly is about to finish this chapter of English language coursebook.

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