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help me in grammar please..

저는 잘 한국어로 이야기하고싶어서, 도와주세요
"i want to speak in korean well"

question: 1. where should i put 잘?
2. 로 means "by" ex: by car = 차로, true or false? then is it ok if i use like the sentence above?
3. ending 서 means because? and then?
4. ending 봐? what is it for?
5. how to say " ...,isn't it? ...,doesn't it?" in korean? ex: you're such a fool, aren't you?

please explain it for me.. i'm bad in korean grammar..
and please correct the sentence for me..
thanks before.. :D

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    "i want to speak in korean well" = 나는 한국어로 말을 잘 하고 싶다/싶어. or 저는 한국어로 말을 잘 하고 싶어요/싶습니다.

    1. '잘' is adverb so that it is usually put before the verb.
    2. 로 means 'by'. yes.
    3. In your original sentence, you don't have to use '서' because you're not talking about 'because'. Am I correct?
    4. I can't understand your question.
    5. "isn't it" or "doesn't it" = "그렇지?" whatever the subject is.

    4. 보다 is the dictionary from of the verb to look/see/view and in some cases can be used as read/watch. conjugates to 봐(요)/봅니다 etc.

    if you mean the auxiliary verb (어/아) 보다 means to "attempt or try (doing something)"
    verb stem + 어/아 conjugation + 보다.
    이거 먹어 봐(요) (try eating this)
    한국말로 설명해 봤는데 설명할 수 없었어요. (I attempted to explain in Korean, but I couldn't.)

    also for verb endings you might find this site helpful. it won't give you ALL forms but it's a good starting point.

    hope this helps (still a beginner myself...) 화이팅!

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