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cosa significa "note"?

Vi prego pertanto di rendermi note con sollecitudine le ragioni che Vi hanno finora impedito di corrispondermi la borsa di studio.
1 cosa significa "note"?
2 cosa significa "sollecitudine le ragioni"? noun. + noun.????? why
3. mi spieghereste la frase in inglese per favore.


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    noto: aggettivo
    significato: conosciuto (known)

    rendere note a me le ragioni
    significato: to make the reasons known to me
    or, in a better English form: to let me know the reasons

    Il verbo /rendere/ in questo caso significa /far diventare/
    Eng.: /to make become/,
    to change the state of something;
    to change from unknown to known
    /rendere note/ : /cambiare da sconosciute a conosciute/

    Altra possibilita`, molto piu` semplice:
    Vi prego di {dirmi, spiegarmi} le ragioni ....


    It means that Who write wants to know quickly the reason of impediment for the payment of the money to study.

    Note: in this case, means make clear
    Sollecitudine means quickly


    I'm sorry,
    I've forgotten.
    Ragioni means reasons

    1 note = known (it's the feminine plural of the adjective "noto"). In the sentence "note" is related to "ragioni".

    2 in Italian the object of a verb is not necessarily placed right after the verb. In this sentence "Vi prego pertanto di rendermi note con sollecitudine le ragioni" for example, the writer asks to promptly, literally "with promptness" ("con sollecitudine"), let him/her know the reasons.
    The verb+object main sentence would be "rendermi note le ragioni".

    3 A not literal English translation of the entire phrase would be: "Therefore I would like to know as soon as possible the reasons that have so far prevented you from granting me the scholarship".

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