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What's the best way to learn the French nouns' grammatical gender?

I'm trying to make a list and start memorizing some, but they're too many. Any other effective ways that helped you when you learned/taught French?

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    Learn the gender when you learn a new word. Tag "un" (masculine) or "une" (feminine) in front of each new word. For example, you'd say "une fourchette", "un couteau" (a fork, a knife). If you learn them one at a time, it should be ok, but if you wait until you know a thousand word, you'll panic.

    Gender are usually logic because they are based on the ending sound of the word. For example, words fininishing in "in" are usually masculine . Like "un chemin". Whereas words finishing in "ine" are usually feminine. Like "une vitamine".

    If you always forget what's what (or get it wrong repeatedly), look at the shape of the thing, make up a story, anything that could help you. For example, for the fork and the knife, think of them as a couple, the fork beeing the lady and the knife been the man. I know it's silly, but with some people, those little stories get etched for life in their memory. I hope my trick works with you!

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