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"꺼야"하고 "거야" 달라요?

For example, is there a difference between 그럴꺼야 and
그럴거야? Or between 잊을꺼야 and 잊을거야?
Just a guess, but does it make it more emphatic the first way? or do they have actual different meanings?
"그럴꺼야" and "내일은 잊을꺼야" are song titles, so I wanted to make sure that I understand them correctly.

감사합니다! :)

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    [꺼야]는 [거야]가 된소리로 발음나는 것을 표기에 잘못 반영한 오기의 사례입니다.

    맞는 표현 : 잊을거야 /그럴거야 /상대할거야 /버릴거야 / 먹을거야 / 잘거야/ 입을거야 등등

    Yes. tensed sound is more emphatic than laxed sound.
    but ‘~ㄹ꺼야’ ‘~ㄹ께’ ‘~ㄹ껄’ ‘~ㄹ꺼예요’(X) is misspelling.
    ‘~ㄹ거야’ ‘~ㄹ게’ ‘~ㄹ걸’ ‘~ㄹ거예요 (O)
    Korean people often make a mistake in spelling because '거야' is pronounced
    as '꺼야'

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