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How do you say these phrases (formal and informal) in Korean?

I've recently started teaching myself Korean and I'd like to add a few more phrases under my belt. I know that there are different types of Korean as well, Sino and Native. If you know the difference in some of the phrases, please also note that. I'd like it written with Hangul as well as the English substitute. Also, if you speak Korean fluently and wish to add some extra notes for me, feel free. The more accurate the information, the better. Thanks. :3


We should hang out.
She/he already left (a while ago).
You should be more careful.
That's ugly.
That's very mean.
That's gross.
That's horrible!
Oh, I see. (I understand, now.)
Bless you. (used when someone sneezes)
Big crowds scare me.
This is serious.
My webcam isn't working.
Wow~ That's amazing!
It's so cute!
You are so pretty.
You should join us.
You are a jerk.
Oh great. (sarcasm)
I love your art/art style.
I love bubble tea.
I love your dress.
I love that song!
I need a drink of water.
I need to sit down.
I want some bubble tea.
I only know a little Korean.
I only have a little money.
I don't like it.
I'm very shy.
I'm a writer.
I'm an artist.
I'm a cosplayer.
I'd like to order... (restaurant phrase)
I'm lost.
I'm busy, at the moment.
I can't believe I just said that.
I'm going on a vacation.
I'm on vacation.
I'm running in athletics(P.E.).
I'm eating.
I'm writing a story (poem).
I'm nervous.
I'm not hungry.
I had fun.
I feel fat.
I hear/heard that. (a sort of phrase that means you agree with what the speaker is saying)
Let's do this.
Excuse me. (used when someone burps, or sneezes)
I have to go to the doctor.

Don't answer.
Give it back!
Go away!
Keep it down/Be quiet. (more polite than 'shut up')
Come here, now.
Don't be rude. Be polite.
This/That isn't allowed here.
Close your mouth when you are eating.

What have you been up to lately?
What did you say?
When are we supposed to meet them?
Where did she/he go?
Where are you?
Where is your restroom/bathroom/lavatory?
What time are you free? (to hang out)
How? (general question)
Why did you do that?
What time is it?
Can I have some? (food/snacks/etc)
Do you have a needle and thread?
How did you make that?
Can I watch TV?
Would you like to go swimming?
Do you do commission work (art)?
Can you help me?
Are you sick?
Can we do this later?
How much money do you have?
What the h*ll?/What in the world? (a surprised/shocked question response)
What does it say?
Should I tell him/her/them?

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