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What does this sentance mean?

nariyamanu kane ni tsugerareru no wa mezame, kimi no nai genjitsu
mirai to hikikae ni kimi o negaeba tadoritsukeru deshou

I heard theese lyrics in a song. I'm baffled as to what theese lyrics mean! Honestly... All I understand is kimi and mirai. >w< Please translate word by word! I esspecially want to know what nariyamanu means please! Thanks!

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    mirai to hikikae ni
    mirai...future, good life in future,bright future
    hikikae...exchanging,trading,getting something by abandoning other.

    By abandoning my good future life

    nariyamanu kane → The bell keeps ringing
    yama-nu(yama-nai)...not stop
    kane...bell,especially huge bell made of metal

    tsugerareru → tsugeru + rareru
    rareru;expression of passive
    mezame → waking (up)
    "I wake up by sound of bell"
    nari-yama-nu kane ni tsuge-rareru no wa me-zame

    kimi no nai genjitsu; a guy often use kimi when he calls a girl
    kimi no nai =kimi no inai;without you,alone
    genjitsu...real life,current day,now

    Hearing sound of bellI, I wake up and notice that I'm alone(I don't have you) now.

    kimi o negaeba
    sureba...If you would do it

    If I want to stay with you (again)

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