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How to I say: Please repeat or Please read this in Korean?

I have a beginner student (does not know an ounce of English). He's a kid and I teach him with pictures. I want him to repeat what I'm saying after I say it so how do I say the phrases politely (emphasis on politely)?

- Say again/ Please repeat
- Please read this

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Sorry..typo: HOW DO I SAY :)

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    다시 한번 말해주세요 = please say it one more time / please repeat
    (but I think "please repeat after me" will be different and I don't know how to say it)

    말해주세요 = please say it (you can use it like: "/insert a word here/ 말해주세요" = "please say /a word/"

    읽어 보세요 = please read / please try to read

    Please repeat
    따라 읽으세요. 따라 읽어봐요

    Please read this
    (이것을) 읽어보세요.

    - Say again/ Please repeat

    You can say like this:
    DaSi(again) Han Burn(once) MalHaeJuSeYo(say-politely).
    = 다시 한 번 말해주세요
    or you can change the last word like this
    "Mal-Hae-Bwa" when you say to kids)

    (when you speak Korean, the sound should be like a staccato because we don't have accent in usal :)

    - Please read this
    You can say :
    "I-Guh-Sul(this) Il-Guh(read) JuSeYo(please do)".
    (이것을 읽어 주세요.)

    also, you can say to kids, because first thing is too polite to speak to kids usaually.
    then this is more usual.

    We have totally different sound system with English, you have to pronounce mono intonation if possible.

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