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Help with tenses of Serbian Words

Zdravo kako ste? I'm having trouble with tenses of words (past/present/future). For example "I worked, I am working, I will work". Radi is work is but how do you change radi into past tense, etc, and other words too???

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    It's a bit daunting at first, but once you get a hang of it, it repeats with mostly all verbs.

    To work = Raditi

    Radi (m, f, n) = work(s); rade = work (plural)

    Radio (m); radila (f); radilo (n) - all singular
    Radili (m); radile (f); radila (n) - all plural.

    Radim (ja); Radiš (ti); Radi (on, ona, ono)
    Radimo (mi); Radite (vi); Rade (oni, one, ona)

    Radiću (ja); Radićeš (ti); Radiće (on, ona, ono)
    Radićemo (mi); radićete (vi); Radiće (oni, one, ona)
    Also for future:
    (Ja) ću raditi; (Ti) ćeš raditi; (on, ona, ono) će raditi
    (Mi) ćemo raditi; (Vi) ćete raditi; (oni, one, ona) će raditi

    This second from is mostly how you use it, and if you take a look, after learning pronouns all you need to learn are ću-ćeš-će-ćemo-ćete-će while the verb it self remains the same :)

    Hope this helps.

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