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Should this be written in Passive?

I hope someone may be able to help with this question.

Why is this sentence written in the passive;

The solution is heated
Die Lösung wird geheizt.

But this sentence is not;

The drain is blocked
Der Abfluss ist verstopft

Both are from German text books but surely one is incorrect?

I believe that the second sentence should be structured in the same way grammatically as the first sentence and should hence also be written in the passive, and hope that someone may be able explain if this is correct/incorrect?

Thanks, Gemma

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    Tunichtgut is right, "Die Lösung wird erhitzt" is the normal way to say it. However, "Der Raum wird geheizt" is a valid example. :-)

    There are two kinds of passive in German, the Vorgangspassiv ("werden + Partizip", when an action is done to something) and the Resultatspassiv ("sein + Partizip", when the resultant state is important).

    So you can say:
    Der Abfluss wird verstopft = Someone is putting something in the drain to block it
    Der Abfluss ist verstopft = Something is in the drain; the drain is blocked
    Der Raum wird geheizt = There's something in the room that heats it
    Der Raum ist geheizt = The room is warm

    So both of your examples are actually in the passive voice.

    You are right the first sentence sounds a bit strange,
    but i blame the poor choise of vocab , not the grammar.

    The solution is heated
    Die Lösung wird erhitzt

    hope this helps, best

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