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Croatian grammar. Će.

What could be the function of će in the following sentences? Its presence deceptively suggests Futur I. However, not in this case I guess.
E, neznam što je to drugo, ali znam da je preskupo, Angela se ljutila… Nismo tako siromašni, umorno će Hasan.
Stezala je Vuka za rub sakoa… Sad stvarno ne znam šta da radim!, očajnim će glasom.

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    well, that's shortened form of verb 'to be'.
    It changes form depending on a person so forms are:
    Biću (ja) shortened 'ću'
    Bićeš (ti) - ćeš
    Biće (on, ona, ono) - će
    Bićemo (mi) - ćemo
    Bićete (vi) - ćete
    Biće (oni, one, ona) - će

    You will probably have some difficulty figuring out why is "to be" even used in construct such as this, but there you have it.

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